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W Moody & Co was formed back in 1956 as a Manufacturers Agency business. Initially the business started in rented premises located on Heussier Terrace, Milton, just across the road from Lang Park, now Suncorp Stadium. Bill Moody commenced the business after a number of years as Sales Manager for a diecast foundry “Metal Products at Albion”, a manufacturer of hardware and plumbing products.

Shortly afterwards he was joined by Bill Winter and the association of Moody & Winter began. No one would have thought at this time that this relationship would be ongoing after half a century. It is probably unique to the industry to have two fathers start a business and to have the two sons continuing the business for such a long period.

The business started with two agencies, Donson Products brassware and Thomson & Scougall P/L manufacturer of malleable pipe fittings. Other agencies were added and combined with the decision by the then Brisbane Lord Mayor Clem Jones to completely sewer Brisbane, business flourished.

After a period, Moody & Winter Sales Pty Ltd was formed and a property at 124 Petrie Terrace was purchased. As the business grew more agencies in the plumbing field were added, the most notable being “Yorkshire Imperial” manufacturer of capillary solder joint fittings. It was also during this period that the company marketed the first of the plastic toilet cisterns manufactured by “Caroma Industries” of South Australia. The company also started “Philmac” in Queensland distributing float valves and poly pipe fittings. Many of these products at the time were new to the industry and some changed the way plumbers carried out their day to day activities.

In 1966 Leigh Moody joined the company and a second building was built next door on Petrie Terrace for the rapidly expanding business. John Winter joined the company during this period and a further association of the two families continued.

A decision was taken in 1977 to relocate the business to Sumner Park and a half hectare site was bought and a purpose built office and warehouse was opened in 1979. Moody and Winter Sales currently still operate out of the same premise which is a tribute to the forward planning at that time.

Bill Winter passed away prematurely in 1982 followed by Bill Moody in 1995.

Many changes occurred in subsequent years with various agency companies such as Yorkshire and Abey choosing to open their own Queensland operations. It was decided that future focus should be more on establishing own brand products e.g.  Handi-bits® and to import products direct from the USA, UK, Italy, China, Taiwan and New Zealand for the Australian market
In recent times Specialised Plumbing products has become a major focus of the company with the combination of quality specialised plumbing agencies, sound knowledge base and our own imported products providing a one stop shop for plumbing and hardware merchants.
Currently Moody & Winter Sales representatives service most areas of Queensland and Northern NSW and distribute our products through a network of agencies and merchants through out Australia.


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