M.A. Griffith

M.A.Griffith was established by Mark Griffith. Originally the company specialised in the servicing and reconditoning of older flushometers eg. Hush, Gloria, Unibra & Dorf.

Today, the company offers the Sloan range of flush valves which retrofit to any flushometer currently in use. These operate on potable mains pressure and tank fed gravity systems.

Over the years, the business has expanded where we now supply a comprehensive range of Specialised Plumbing Products to suit a wide range of commercial projects throughout Australia whereby Architects, Interior Designers and Plumbing Hydraulic Consultants include in their specifications.

M.A.Griffith product lines includes:

  •  Sloan Flush Valves
  •  Mifab Water Hammer Solutions
  •  Pressure Reducing Valves
  • MAG-Mifab Floor & Roof Drainage Grates
  • Mifab Trap Priming Valves
  • Inwall window and standard tundishes



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