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Unasco Pty Ltd

Unasco was established in 1962 as a joint venture with the W. S. Shamban Company in the USA. Since that time Unasco has worked closely with many of the leading manufacturers of engineering materials in order to bring these materials and processes into the Australian market.

With over forty years of experience in the supply and manufacture of sealing products Unasco are indeed the leaders in design and technology. In 1988, additional expertise was gained with Unasco acquiring the PTFE fabricating operation of Elastomer Technologies Pty Ltd, formerly known as Bestobell Industrial Plastics - a division of Bestobell Merco.

Unasco now provide thread seal tapes, compounds, and anti-seize pastes for a wide range of applications.

With an unrivalled reputation for engineering excellence Unasco has grown to be a major supplier to many differing Australian markets

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Unasco "No Worries" Thread Sealant with PTFE

Unasco Gas and Pink Tapes

Unasco Stainless,Oxygen and Anti Seize Tapes

Unasco Abrasive Cloth and Blue Monster Towels 

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Australian Waterless


Australian Waterless

Every year billions of litres of precious drinking water are wasted in the flushing of urinals.

As the name suggests, the waterless urinal operates with absolutely no water, at the same time exceeding all of today’s hygienic needs.

The patented SEALTRAP cartridge combined with the proprietary AIRSEAL fluid are at the core of the composite or vitreous china waterless urinal.

Together they function to allow urine to pass into traditional sewer systems without wasting valuable water.

"When the well is dry, we know the worth of water."
- Abraham Lincoln

Moody & Winter Sales are Queensland Sales Agents

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Powercell acts as an Importer / Distributor / Agent for Primary and Secondary Dry Cell Batteries.  

 Powercell are the Australasian agent for GP Batteries and distribute imported product to “niche” markets throughout Australia and New Zealand. With excellence in service and quality Powercell are a Quality Endorsed Company and are continually striving to improve all areas to ensure customer satisfaction.                                                                                                        

 Moody & Winter stock a core range of batteries and torches            

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Bosch Hot Water

Bosch has been delivering hot water to Australian and New Zealand households and businesses for more than 60 years. Having pioneered continuous flow water heating in the late 1800's, Bosch has secured a reputation for quality and innovation that continues to drive the company today. 

Our hot water and heating systems are among the most reliable and energy-efficient on the market, providing savings on running costs, while helping to preserve the environment. 

The Bosch range – catering to both residential and commercial applications – includes gas hot water systems and hot water heat pumps, as well as hydronic heating for comfortable, highly-efficient, allergy-friendly warmth.

Moody & Winter Sales can offer competitive pricing on this product range, 

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Water Filter Services

Water Filter Services (WFS) is a premium supplier of water filtration equipment for both domestic and commercial applications. WFS offer a complete range of sediment and carbon block cartridges to suit standard 10” housings as well as 10” and 20” cartridges to suit Jumbo housings. WFS filter systems cover above and under bench applications both in standard housings or quick change systems. WFS has also recently added the “Total Flow” system to the range enabling direct connection into the main cold water line before connecting to a standard sink mixer. System housings  are sourced from the USA and carry watermark certification.

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