Moody & Winter Sales has held long term and successful relationship with many agencies.

Moody and Winter Sales provide Agency Logistics and a Wholesale Distribution network for the following companies.

Wilson Industries

From the dairy farm to commercial sites, into the home and out to sea, the high performing Wilson hot water systems have been tried and tested in the real world for over 90 years. The Wilson Hot Water story started in 1930 manufacturing low pressure water heathers for people’s homes. Word of the robust design soon got around and a whole range of industries came knocking on the door for Wilson. The demand was fast, the company grew quickly and Wilson’s reputation for getting the job done was born. Wilson and Moody and Winter Sales Pty Ltd have a long history and have created a successful agency partnership spanning over 2 decades.

Unasco - Leaders in Engineering Plastics

Unasco was established in 1962 and manufacture and design a wide range of sealing materials and systems. Whether it us for sealing pipe threads in plumbing applications or for tightly specified sealing system for military applications, Unasco have the product and system to suit all needs. Unasco are well known for delivering bespoke solutions in a difficult and crowded market. They do not have any material affiliations so have the ability to offer a wide range of alternative solutions. Unasco engineers are renowned for solving problems which have baffled others. Unasco are not only re-sellers but also successful manufacturers, with own processing equipment, machinery, designers and engineers. They are a great partner for Moody and Winter Sales Pty Ltd especially in light of the highly successful thread tapes and the use of these across plumbing applications.

Aquarius Distribution

Aquarius Distribution specialise in the pipe flashing industry. They offer Australian made solutions including EDPM and silicon flashings ranging from Aquaseal to versatile pipe flashings. Aquarius also offer a range of expansion strip joints and the Red Back range of consumable plumbing products.

MA Griffith Specialised Plumbing Products

MAG Specialised Plumbing Products was established over 30 years ago. Over the years, the business has grown to supply a comprehensive range of specialised plumbing products to suit a wide range of commercial projects throughout Australia. The brands are widely specified by Architects, Interior Designers, and Plumbing Consultants delivering smart, innovative solutions for commercial, healthcare, hospitality, and residential projects. MAG have introduced leading worldwide brands to the Australian market, including FM Mattsson Pressure Balancing Thermostatic Mixing Valves, FM Mattsson Tapware, Beeco Backflow and Big Dipper Grease Traps. Moody and Winter Sales Pty Ltd are proud to partner with MAG and to continue to deliver great value and reputable products to the Australian market.

Chris Hunter Sales

Chris Hunter Sales is a family run business proudly supplying plumbing products to retailers nationally. The range of products include the Plumtest range of plumbing tools and gauges, Inox sprays, lubricants and Horobin test plugs and inflatable test and sealing bags.

Southern Cross Stainless Steel

Southern Cross Stainless Steel have vast and wide experienced in the fabrication of products manufactured from stainless steel. In particular, urinals of most variations and spare parts, stalls, hand basins and wash and bubbler troughs.


Established in 1980, Powercell are an Australian manufacturer, distributor and importer of batteries, powerbanks, torches, beams, headlamps, sensor lights and more. Powercell’s extensive range of batteries for general and specialist applications includes alkaline, lithium (primary and rechargeable), silver oxide, NiMH and NiCad and zinc air. Powercell also carries a comprehensive and quality range of battery related products and accessories.

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